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What is Palcohol and can you buy it yet?

Consumers will soon have access to a more convenient way to have a cocktail. The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has just approved Palcohol, which is a new innovative powdered form of alcohol. A man named Mark Phillips developed the original concept for Palcohol. Mark Phillips liked having a cocktail after a hard day’s work or a gym session. However, he did not appreciate carrying heavy bottles. He worked with a series of scientists and created alcohol in a powdered form to reduce the inconvenience of carrying around bottles and cans. The world will soon have the opportunity to carry powdered alcohol in their purses, wallets, pockets and more.

Why Is It Called Palcohol?

Mark Phillips and the people who work for Lipsmark are fun-loving, witty people. They gave Palcohol its name based on its convenience. A consumer can carry a small packet of Palcohol around just like a packet of sugar or a sugar substitute. Technically, the Palcohol carrier can bring it to places where traditional alcohol forms might be prohibited. Carriers can possibly bring Palcohol into restaurants, stadiums, offices and other places. While company representatives do not suggest bringing the product into prohibited places, they still refer to it as the consumer’s “pal.” This means that the consumer can carry powered alcohol with him or her as if it were a very close friend.

How Does Palcohol Work?

Palcohol does not have complicated instructions. It works exactly like a packet of powdered sugar, except the needs to mix it with approximately five ounces of water. Alternatively, the person can add it to five ounces of Coca-Cola or orange juice. When it is used properly, one Palcohol packet has the same amount of alcohol in it as a mixed drink. The company is releasing two initial plain alcohol flavors: vodka and rum. It will also release four mixed drinks: powderita, lemon drop, mojita and cosmopolitan.

The Convenience of Palcohol

Palcohol provides a revolutionary solution to inconvenience and embarrassment associated with alcohol. Consumers can now discreetly carry their Palcohol and have drinks without anyone knowing. The company that created Palcohol has stated that its price will be only a fraction of the cost of traditional alcoholic beverages. The affordable price point will drive customers to Palcohol even more than the convenience will.

Who Can Buy Palcohol?

Palcohol will have some of the same regulations as regular alcohol. People who are not of legal age will not be allowed to purchase the product. Retailers that choose to sell Palcohol will have to have licenses to sell it. Additionally, the same laws will apply to underage drinkers, drunk drivers and the like. The only thing that will change is the bottle, which will start to disappear when Palcohol hits the market.

How Soon Will Palchol Be Available?

Palcohol has been approved, but the company is still waiting to tie up loose ends. Palcohol is expected to hit the market sometime in the fall. The company says that it will make the product available online and in physical locations. It is not yet known whether it will be available in restaurants and convenience stores, or if it will be restricted to standard liquor stores.

Will Palcohol Be Dangerous?

The Palcohol website encourages people to use the product properly. If people use it responsibly, then it will be no more dangerous than a bottled alcohol product is. Every product can be safe if it is used in moderation, and Palcohol is not harmful as it is. The company urges its future buyers to use Palcohol responsibly and legally when it becomes available.

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