Where to Buy Barefoot Running Shoes

Running has been an essential part of everyday life for many years. You can even date it back through history as a skill for survival. Today, running is more of a daily activity for fitness or competition. The only difference is back in the days of old, shoes were hard to come by so feet and the body suffered from rough terrain. Today, we have shoes to protect us, but people still find it difficult to find the right shoe for the right activity, especially running.

Ironically, many of the world’s top award-winning runners have won their competitions by trying barefoot running. These same runners have always gone barefoot while doing everyday activities. Even celebrities are wearing these now popular shoes including Mathew MacConaughey who wears them to work out. In today’s society, it’s just not safe to go barefoot all the time. However, with barefoot shoes that is now possible. You can now have the same satisfaction of running barefoot as you protect your feet from the hazards that plague our streets like glass and nails.

Safety of the Barefoot Running Shoe

If you wear the shoes correctly, you’ll be safe and pain free. In fact, Harvard did a study comparing runners with shoes to ones with Barefoot shoes. The study proved that runners who wore shoes made ground contact four times harder than runners without shoes. Their steps of those with shoes were also less graceful and less springy.

When you run barefoot, your foot hits the ground differently than it would in a shoe. Try running once without your shoes, you’ll notice the difference. You’ll see that you have pain in your heel and won’t be able to run like this for much longer. Your body will have to change its gait if you continue to run barefoot. Your body begins to protect itself. It does this by using a mid-foot or forefoot strike to keep the impact of the foot and the body allowing a more graceful stride. You’ll have less stress injuries, fractures, eased runner’s knee and your foot and calf muscles will get stronger.

Where to Buy Barefoot Running Shoes

Believe it or not, it’s actually healthier to run barefoot and for several reasons. The muscles in your feet will begin to strengthen, especially in the arch. If you have a healthy arch it’s likely you won’t collapse. It also mitigates pronation. Another health benefit is that you lose less energy because there’s less weight at the end of your foot. Because of this, you’ll have longer endurance and more speed.

Advantages of the Barefoot Running Shoe

By wearing the Barefoot running shoes, your feet move in a natural way while protecting them. Good arch support is the focus of the shoe industry today. It’s not ideal to use a shoe with firm structure or arch support. It may protect the foot from street hazards and help keep it from flattening over time. However, it will also keep your muscles and ligaments in your foot from functioning and developing the strength and health they need. Barefoot shoes are different. They are flexible and have no arch support. This gives your foot natural movement.

There are several nerve endings in your feet. Good circulation in your feet in key for keeping them healthy and keeping the blood flowing and the tissues revitalized. Barefoot shoes allow for optimum circulation and improve posture. Your balance is improved because as you walk barefoot over various terrains your feet won’t become “conditioned” to a specific type of ground.

Many who wear the shoes love the sensation they get when they feel their feet on the ground for the first time. Others say they’ll never go back to regular running shoes again and barefoot running shoes have kept them from being injured. However, there are things to consider before purchasing these shoes. First, if you have serious foot problems, talk to your podiatrist before using them. Barefoot running is something you incorporate into a current running regimen slowly. Don’t just start running with them, ease into it. Above all, listen to your body because your feet are sensitive and you need to listen to them.

For the healthiest option for your body, barefoot running is clearly the right choice. It may not be practical in today’s society, especially if you live in the city. You also run the risk of stepping on a nail or other sharp debris if you live on a farm. It is because of this that Barefoot running shoes are best option for any living condition. Why not get a pair today and save your feet the unnecessary strain and give yourself the comfort you deserve?

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