Whats Up With Brittany Flickinger?

Brittany Flickinger: “I’m the new revolution, Bitches”

Who is Brittany Flickinger?

I was digging the show Paris Hilton’s My New BFF a while ago and saw a chic on there that was from the New England area. Brittany Flickinger. I wanted to see what she’s been doing lately and got a chance to catch up with her and ask her some questions.

When did you start writing music and what was the first verse on your first song you wrote?
Brittany: I started writing music when I was in 3rd grade secretly…haha they sucked but I loved doing it, my first rock song that I wrote was with my old band The Countdown called “sounds like a plan“, in November of 08, and the first pop song I wrote was “Chicago” a little bit before that.



In a lot of the tabloids you were deemed an aspiring rock singer, what do you deem yourself as?
Brittany: I don’t even really know what I am. haha. I’m creating a new genre, like…filling in the missing puzzle piece in the “pop” world. It’s tough but it’s pretty grand.

Now that you are reinventing yourself and struggling to make it as a legit song writer/artist in the music industry all on your own, what gives you inspiration to keep going?
Brittany: My fans, it kills me that I don’t have anything for them yet. I love them so much for sticking around. Feels good that people care about me and look up to me, I just wanna have something to give.

Are there other any other plans or projects coming up in your promising career?
Brittany: Yes. but Im focused on music right now so everything else is on hold.

Is there anything you can tell your worldwide fans something about yourself no one knows?
Brittany: ummm….just that I’m a regular girl in love with music…not here for drama or tabloids or to hurt anyone…just minding my own business writing music that I hope other people are gonna love as much as I do.

Thank you for your time and letting us know more on what’s up with “The New Revolution”, Brittany Flickinger aka FLICK.
Brittany: Foash. Any time dude thanks for interviewing me. It means a lot. 🙂

You can find everything Flick @ http://brittanyflickinger.com or on itunes under Flick on the pop genre link.

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