World's Largest Yellow Jacket Bee

OK so I’m sitting at my desk today trying to figure out somehow to get some interviews and get a web deisgn job. If only something would just show itself and I would recognize it as my big opportunity and take advantage of it.

So then while working at my desk in the basement rewriting my resume I hear this loud buzzing flying around me in the dark. With only a desk lamp on I turn on more lights to see what it is. Almost sounded like a hummingbird but more like a bee flying around. When I turned the light on this is what I saw:

Click for larger images of these giant bees

Giant Bee Giant Bee

I captured him in a cd spindle cover so to scale this bee he looks to be about one third the size of a CD. That’s a big ass yellow jacket bee.

Hey btw if anyone is looking for a good web designer please contact me.

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