Yankee Swap Gift Ideas That Dont Suck

yankee swap gift ideas
Sometimes coming up with a Yankee Swap gift idea can be difficult. It’s not always easy to know what others will like as gifts. There are two questions you can ask yourself that will make the task of coming up with Yankee Swap gift ideas easier.

The first question to ask yourself is what is the amount that you are supposed to be spending on a Yankee Swap gift and the second is would you be happy receiving your own gift as a Yankee Swap gift? By answering these two question, you will find it much easier to pick out your Yankee Swap gift this year. But for those that still can’t come up with any ideas…here are some suggestions for you.

Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ornament
Nothing says Christmas better than the movie A Christmas Story so what better gift could one receive than the ever beautiful leg lamp that Ralphie’s Dad received. Of course this one isn’t such an eye soar considering it’s an ornament that hangs on your Christmas tree (and gets put away at the end of the season).

The Simpson Movie
Who doesn’t like the Simpsons right? It’s a safe bet that whomever opens this gift will won’t trade it away in the Yankee Swap, this will be one of those gifts that other participants want to steal.

Starbucks Assortment Gift Basket
I know what you’re saying…A gift basket? But listen, it really is a good gift. Especially one made up of all things coffee. This is another safe bet for a Yankee Swap gift. People need their caffeine…give it to them.

Candle Creations Candle Maker
Even if you are not a candle lover yourself, you can be sure that there will be plenty of candle lovers involved in your Yankee Swap this year. This candle maker is perfect for them. You use the scraps from used up candles, melt them down and create a new candle…with no mess.

Whether you choose one of these gifts as your Yankee Swap gift or you come up with your own Yankee Swap gift idea what’s important is to have fun…that’s what it’s all about. Or if the party is totally lame you can make up a christmas drinking game and watch some lame movie on tv that night.

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  1. Ken:
    Love your posts and I’m subscribing right now! Found you while looking for Yankee Swap rules!
    A great Yankee swap gift that doesn’t suck is painted slate that you hang outside your door! You can order them from crafters in Maine and even have them personalized! The site is kimscrafts.com
    Thanks looking forward to recieiving your posts/emails!

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