Yellow Live Strong braclets are sold out

Lance Armstrong FoundationThe yellow braclets seem to be sold out at the Lance Armstrong website. Not that they fit me anyway but cool to see many people in sports and the media supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
Intelligent Giving = 1 wristband for $1!
Buy LIVESTRONGâ„¢ Wristbands on our Web site now –
Make sure your money helps the LAF!

Since the campaign began last May, the LAF has sold approximately 11 million LIVESTRONGâ„¢ wristbands. We are thrilled to have the support of 11 million wristband-wearers across the U.S. and all over the world. At his homecoming celebration in Austin, Texas on August 13th, Lance thanked LAF supporters for wearing yellow and said, “I’m never taking mine off.”

LIVESTRONGâ„¢ wristband are available for purchase now. Due to very high demand, it will take approximately 3 weeks to receive your wristband.

It is important to buy your wristband on our Web site instead of an auction Web site. A person who buys a wristband on an auction Web site will pay more and wait just as long. Additionally, the extra cost will not benefit the LAF. Wait in our line instead of theirs. Make sure your money helps people living with cancer.


Lance Armstrong's War: One Man's Battle Against Fate, Fame, Love, Death, Scandal, and a Few Other Rivals on the Road to the Tour de France

125 thoughts on “Yellow Live Strong braclets are sold out

  1. I am looking for a pink breast cancer braclet. Can someone let me know if you get some , if you do I want 2.

    Thank you,
    Jack Krapels

  2. I’m looking for a breast cancer braclet and livestrong braclets. Please contact me if you know how I can get some. Thank you.


  4. I want to get a livestrong bracelet ,but i saw some for like $9.45 i was wondering if that was a ripoff or rhat was the regular price? My sis bought 5 but they were all for her friends and they were only a $1.00 whats up with that? oh yah what are the best websites to get them? E-mail me.

  5. I am looking for the yellow bracelet and where I could buy one. I refuse to look on Ebay because some of those people are scam artists. I was also told theat they can be bought for 30 dollars and I refuse to buy one at that price. Thanks for your help.

  6. I see all my friends with these braclets plus i totally want to support this fund. I’m 12 and my wrist is like a medium, i like the yellow. My friends had pink in green so cool. I see they are sold out but please if there is somewhere were i can find them to buy them please tell me.

  7. hey i was wondering how much breast cancer bracelets were um… i want 5 if u have any and email telling me how much they are
    Thank you

  8. I want a purple livestrong wristband for a cheap price! Please e-mail me if you have any! Oh, and please include the price in your e-mail! But if you have a URL it can’t be any place like e-Bay, ok?

  9. I have been waiting for these ” Livestrong Braclets” for almost 13 weeks! Please contact me about how I can get them because when I orderd them they weren’t sold out! So if I can’t get them now where can I find the Breast Cancer braclets?

  10. I want a yellow livestrong bracelet and the pink breast cancer one because i want to help people and everyone at my school has one.

  11. I want a yellow livestrong bracelet and the pink breast cancer one because i want to help people and everyone at my school has one.

  12. will you contact me answering where can I get a livestrong braclet. Oh and im into black so I also wanted a keeppounding one if found. If they sell livestrong braclets or keeppounding braclets in any other color please tell me.

  13. Hey, i was just wondering if the pink livestrong braclets helped to fight breast cancer? Also i wanted to know where i could get a carolina panthers keep pounding braclet? And one last question, where can you get a green braclet?

  14. I was wondering if i could get a hold of two of the braclets a pink one and a yellow one so if you could give me some info i would greatly appreciate it Thanks Amanda Brown

  15. to all you asking for the pink and yellow cancer braclets and many other colors available i got mine off of this website it is not the origional lance armstrong website but it is called and you can get many colors and wording on it

  16. the yellow pink blue black white green red and many other colors are available on if you have any questions e-mail me at billabongbabe.msn

  17. pink is breast cancer yellow is cancer all around orange is leukemia and purple is child abuse but how ever the plain livestrong ones come in all the colors and the child abuse purple and the luekenia orange are very hard to find

  18. i was wondering if I could have two braclets a pink and yellow one i cannot seem to get a hold of one and i have been looking for a while

  19. Ive recently brought 2 bands. 1 is an orange livestrong band and i havent a clue what it is in support of. Can someone please tell me ?

  20. hello i have been looking for a liver cancer support braclets, since we just lost our 23 yr old family friend to it in november and i would like to help support liver cancer education or further finding out about it. I know the liver cancer awarness color is yellow and i just didnt know if there was a way to get one, if you have any idea please e-mail me. Thank You!

  21. i would really like to get any sort of band any colour, i’v tried everywhere but cant find a good price, also becuase i’m only 12 i cant find any i can afford, also i want to buy it by post cus my dad wont let me buy it online sum1 please help 🙁

  22. Hey ive lost alot of people in my life to cancer and its sucks and im so sorry to even hear about cancer itself is a very bad desiease and i really want one of these bracelets because im a apart of a cancer fundrasier called Relay For Life ya’ll should try it! its a great way to get out and get some exersize and its for a really good cause so BUY THESE BRACELETS AND GO FOR RELAY FOR LIFE!!!!

  23. looking for a real pink or yellow livestrong bracelet
    but i can’t buy off the computer
    so i need one from a store in british columbia
    does anyone know any stores that sell them?

  24. Hi I live in Montreal and am looking for a Lance Armstrong livestrong bracelet. Can anyone tell me which stores sell them Thanks

  25. Would anyone happen to know of any stores that sell Yellow Livestrong or Pink Breast Cancer Bracelets, in Canada (British Columbia)? I’m unable to buy off the internet, this is why I’m asking.Thanks.

  26. Nobody seems to know where to buy those stupid bracelets. The ones sold online are all fakes, except the ones from the official site. But seriously, buying stuff online SUCKS. Anyone knows a shop that sells them in Montreal? Not a website, a SHOP.

  27. The yellow Live Strong offical braclets can be bought at your local Champs stores. You will know they are official and not fake because of the package it’s in. The cost is only $1.00. Unfortunaltely can’t find anyone who sell the official pink breast cancer braclets in local stores. Just be careful there are a lot of fakes out there.


  29. There’s a new link at the top of this page that you can get all your rubber bracelets at now. For the next few days bracelets are only $1.

    Click the Reminder Band banner on the top right corner and browse for cool rubber bracelets.

  30. i need a LIVING IN PINK wristband badly!!! any suggestion to where to get them!!!!

    reminder: without a living in pink wristband i have lost my pinkness

  31. Help! I want to give my Dad a Live Strong yellow band for Christmas. Is there a store in Austin,TX where I can find one in a hurry?

  32. I received this from Lance Armstrong today and the LIVESTRONG foundation:

    New Merchandise in the LIVESTRONG Store

    The LIVESTRONG Store has expanded its selection to offer several new items including long sleeve t-shirts for men and women, Polo shirts and much more. LIVESTRONG wristbands, t-shirts, headwear, sports gear and accessories are also available in the Store. Each purchase helps support the LAF’s mission to inspire and empower people affected by cancer.

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  38. I saw the LIVESTRONG wrist band from many student at International School Bangkok, I really love it and I would like to have it too. Then, in my country has a big celebration of our beloved King. They made the yellow wrist band to the souvenir…and I got it.

  39. The wristband was very popular early last year in Thailand. Now we have dozens of copy of the wristband for many organizations here, both commercial and charity. Its popularity is fading now. Generally it’s a fad here.

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