I Know Where to Buy Zu Zu Pets Hampsters

Zu-zu-petsI Know Where to Buy Zu Zu Pets or Zhu Zhu Pets. Whatever you call them. Are you finding that the Zu Zu Pets are sold out at your local toy store or Toys-R-Us?

They call them “The Smartest Pet Hamsters Without The Work”. I don’t know about that but the kids do seem to love them. Hey they’re cheap enough that Santa can get them for your little boys and girls for Christmas and they’re pretty cheap. If you call $40 an inexpensive gift for your child.

If you don’t know by now, Zu Zu Pets are the “Tickle Me Elmo” for the 2009 Christmas season!

Here’s Where You Can Buy Zhu Zhu Pets

>> Buy Your Zu Zu Pets Here <<

Cute little battery operated hamsters that “zoom” around just like a real hamster. Just like a real hamster, Zhu Zhu Pets are fuzzy and furry, make cute little sounds, and are just overall adorable. But probably the best features of these toy hamsters for parents like us are the fact that they don’t poop, chew your tv wires, shed their fur, or need to eat.

Best of all, when they “die” just pop in a new set of batteries and your child’s little hamster friend will be good as new again!

Both kids and adults will love the kooky Zu Zu pet hampsters. Your kids will enjoy playing with them even long after it’s time to take down the christmas tree, and parents will love the fact that there is no messy clean up. Your children will enjoy hours of fun with these toys that interact with them. ZuZu’s pets look just like real hamsters, and they are plush. They are expected to be the latest, hottest new toy to hit the market in years.

A higher realm of artifical intellegence has been reached by the Zu Zu hamsters. These beautiful stuffed toys are one of a kind, each has its own personality. Each of the four adorable hamsters has two play modes for any child to enjoy. One is the explore mode that will enable the hamster to move across the floor or around their habitat. The second mode is the loving mode. It is important to take into consideration that these hamsters will be your child’s pet. They will be able to cuddle while the hamster chatters and squeaks in response.


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